Rekord Marine Enterprises Ltd.

8194 Ontario Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5X 3E3, Canada.
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September 9, 1988

Mr.Pieter Faber,
Phase II Construction

Re: Renovations at 8194 Ontario Street, Vancouver.

Dear Pieter,

   We wish to thank you for a project well done! We were happy to have been fortunate enough to have
you recommended to us.

Our renovation was extensive and you transformed our 60+-year-old 13,000 sq. ft. building into very
comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior upgrade.

You met and exceeded our expectations of how our building would improve. The quality of your
supervision was excellent and the work done by the sub trades you managed well. The quality of work
was very good and the finish was commensurate with the intended use of the building. You guided us well,
not to spend too much in certain areas and to spend more in others. Overall you were able to complete
the project well within budget of $75,000.00 on a $240,000.00 building.

We were surprised with all the bureaucratic red tape at City Hall, much more than we expected.
Your ability to circumvent the issues raised by various inspectors amazed me. I am still wondering how
you obtained some of those approvals.

You were not afraid to hire or fire. You did not tolerate sloppy work by one individual. You dealt with
insubordination extremely well and in another instance it led to problems with Workers Compensation,
which you took charge of and appeased.

I found you to be extremely amiable and quite patient with my family executives and me. You exercised
lots of self-control with the tradesmen and inspectors.

When we encounter our next construction project we will choose to employ you in the first instance.

Yours Sincerely,
Michael Barthel