September 11, 1985

To Whom It May Concern
Re: Peter Faber

As the Pastor of the new Salvation Army Cariboo Hill Temple, I
first came in contact with Mr. Faber in the late fall of 1984. At
that time Peter was working for Forewest Construction Company in a
Supervisory capacity  as foreman or Project Manager on the
construction site.

Through almost daily observation on site, it appeared to me that
Mr. Faber was well in control of the situations as they related
to management, scheduling, coordination and cooperation. The
various workers and sub-tradesmen worked well under his supervision
and were treated properly and fairly by him.

In my every contact with Mr Faber , I found him to be courteous,
polite and most helpful - always willing to answer the questions and
give suitable explanations for an inquistive future owner of a
facility that was to be our new church for many years to come.
It is my opinion that any considerations given to this gentleman
would be well rewarded.